Slow Stream - Rotting Apple - since 1992

Rotting Apple

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Shifting Pics into Past

A apple is rotting since 1991. Images are taken every hour during daytime. You should see this Images only in the context of process art and the Blockchain technique. They Pics are similar to each other but still each is unique. The reason for this is a serial number and a sha256 checksum in the metatags. with this checksum you can identify each Pic. If someone try to change something in the file the checksum will change completly. The checksum is stored in the next, following Pic.
For example: The checksum of pic2 can be found in pic1 and the checksum of pic3 in pic2. Pic0 is the live pic, it is the newest and has no checksum. With the next live pic each pic will shift one in the past. Before shifting you have the possibility to leave a message in one of the metatags in pic0.
Metatags are data in a file which contains is more information about the file. You can read the metatags of the pictures in our gallery.
For better understanding you can read the checksum l in the line "Edit Status" and the serial number in "Original Transmission Reference".
  Shifting things into past enables your present

Upcomming pic0
               pic0  ->newpic1  ->newpic2  ->newpic3  ->newpic4 ..... -->newpic n
                ^  `-----^   `------^   `------^   `------^   `----->deleting the oldest pic
                |  oldpic0    oldpic1   oldpic2    oldpic3 
             ACT!     '----------'---------'----------'---save your pic             
                |____ only in pic0 in first generation is writeable 
All checksum of Blockchain
Current serial number
You can be owner of a pic - do now tik the pic
Shown in Amro Festival 2020

The apple 1991